Self Propelled Gas

Push Lawn Mower Gas Self Propelled Lightweight Adjustable Height 5 Position 20

Push Lawn Mower Gas Self Propelled Lightweight Adjustable Height 5 Position 20
Push Lawn Mower Gas Self Propelled Lightweight Adjustable Height 5 Position 20
Push Lawn Mower Gas Self Propelled Lightweight Adjustable Height 5 Position 20
Push Lawn Mower Gas Self Propelled Lightweight Adjustable Height 5 Position 20
Push Lawn Mower Gas Self Propelled Lightweight Adjustable Height 5 Position 20
Push Lawn Mower Gas Self Propelled Lightweight Adjustable Height 5 Position 20
Push Lawn Mower Gas Self Propelled Lightweight Adjustable Height 5 Position 20
Push Lawn Mower Gas Self Propelled Lightweight Adjustable Height 5 Position 20
Push Lawn Mower Gas Self Propelled Lightweight Adjustable Height 5 Position 20
Push Lawn Mower Gas Self Propelled Lightweight Adjustable Height 5 Position 20
Push Lawn Mower Gas Self Propelled Lightweight Adjustable Height 5 Position 20
Push Lawn Mower Gas Self Propelled Lightweight Adjustable Height 5 Position 20

Push Lawn Mower Gas Self Propelled Lightweight Adjustable Height 5 Position 20    Push Lawn Mower Gas Self Propelled Lightweight Adjustable Height 5 Position 20

Push Lawn Mower Gas Lightweight Compact Adjustable Height Cutting 5 Position 20. Out of the box assembly in 5 minutes or less.

Prime'N Pull Starting System. Just push the priming bulb three times and pull the cord to start. Prime'N Pull Easy Starting. Dependable 125cc Briggs & Stratton Engine. 20 steel cutting deck with side discharge.

4-point, 5-position wheel height adjustment. Ideal for small to medium-sized yards. This mower assembles in minutes and is designed for great balance and low vibration to make yardwork simple and comfortable. The handle folds down for convenient storage when not in use.

Adjust the cutting height of your Hyper Tough mower to fit your needs. 5-position height adjustment at each wheel ensures an even, precise cut every time! Briggs & Stratton 125cc Engine. Reliable, dependable power is delivered with the Briggs & Stratton 125cc engine. All of the power you need to get the job done.

The side discharge chute evenly spreads grass clippings, adding vital nutrients back into the lawn. The Hyper Tough Push Lawn Mower is a powerful, reliable machine that provides a great cut. The Prime'N Pull feature makes starting this lawn mower a breeze. The powerful 125cc Briggs and Stratton engine provides plenty of power to get the job done fast.

This lawn mower is designed for great balance and low vibration to make yard work simple and comfortable. The gas lawn mower has a 20-inch cutting deck made with durable steel and a side discharge chute that disperses grass clippings evenly, adding vital nutrients back into the lawn. This nimble mower not only provides precise cutting, but it's also easy to maneuver in tight spaces.

It has adjustable cutting height settings. The handle folds down for easy and convenient storage when not in use. This economical Hyper Tough Push Lawn mower is suitable for small to medium-sized yards that are mostly flat.

California Proposition 65 Warning : Engine exhaust, some of its constituents and certain vehicle components contain or emit chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. Battery posts, terminals and related accessories contain lead and lead compounds, chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. After we received this mower, took it out of the box, assembled the handle, and added gas and oil, the mower started on the first pull!

I would recommend this push mower. Great product for a great price. I wanted a mower completely assembled as I cannot accomplish that task.

It was delivered to my door and completely assembled. I love the easy start, half a pull and it starts right up. I just received this mower about a week ago. I only put the oil in and cut just a small space to see how it would do. That's the only reason I gave 4 stars.

I have had a murray push mower for more than 27 years and that motor still runs but frame broke into. I will try and see how this one holds up.

The only con I see is the adjustment on the wheels are hard to lower or raise and takes a bit of strength to do. Very good product, great price. It actually arrived much sooner than expected which was a nice surprise.

After some light assembly and directions, I cranker her up and mowed my lawn. It worked like a champ!

Extremely durable price range good very happy with. Easy to assemble (mostly together in box) instructionsclear came with oil and good performance. Im a 55 yo woman, and it was super easy to put together and fairly easy to crank. I think its a great mower for the price. I have a fairly flat yard and I really regret not spending the extra few hundred dollars for self propelled for those dang mounds in the yard.

Not the fault of this mower at all. Pushing is just tougher than when I was 20!

I will likely sell this and invest in self propelled, but again, this machine works exactly as it should. Easy to use, nothing complicated about it at all! This is a great lawnmower for anyone, Engine runs great and also is good on gas. Very easy to push because its very light weight.

Great little mower I bought for grandkids to mow their yard. Simple, easy, gets the job done.

Got this for my boys to mow yards with. The only down side is the pull start and handle has a pretty long reach. My 11 year old had a difficult time starting it at first. Has adjustable settings that are easy to use when working in different heights in the yard.

Our yard is hilly and the settings are so easy to adjust even I can do it which is a relief to my husband! My husbands favorite feature is it gets lower than most lawnmowers which saves you from having to mow as often!

Really nice mower, I've used it twice so far on my 1/2 acre of country backyard. It required only standing up the mower handle. Works great if you are looking for a tuff little mower. Great price and it works wonderful.

Easy to use and works like a horse! Son gives it a thumbs up! My son gave it a thumbs up. Said it worked a lot better than what he expected and was a good price. My 17 yo daughter was able to assemble by herself and mow the yard easily.

Thus was the first mow of the season so grass was long and thick in places which caused it to stall, but started right back up. Easy to push, and did a nice job. Right tool for the job. Inexpensive and small, just what we needed for our small yard. Lite weight and easy to maneuver. Very basic, what we wanted! I love this lawn mower. Came with a bottle of oil for the engine also. After adding the oil and the gas, it started on the first pull. Height adjusted easily and mowed beautifully. Seems to be a good, sturdy little mower. Not a bad little lawn mower.

I only have a couple complaints on the little black?????? On the back, it rolled right under the mower and got chopped up and shut the mower off. We had to take it off bc it kept going under it while mowing the grass. Im guessing theres a saftey feature and any time there was a slightly higher mount of dirt it would hit it and shut off.

All in all, for the price its a perfect little mower for my small yall. I like this it wofks grate get the day job done. Starts up with first pull. I usually do not leave reviews but this time I absolutely had to!!! This was the perfect mower for me!

Extremely easy to assemble, put oil in, gas and I was ready to tackle my yard! Best product I have invested in in a very long time! Thanks for such an excellent product!!! I received this product for review purposes and absolutely love the quality and use of this product. It is easy to assemble and use, it is a nice color and good quality. Does the job just right and I'd recommend to anyone looking for this type of product for themselves or as a gift. I really recommend this mower it's lightweight and easy to transport if you have to.

You can also raise and lower it according to the height of your lawn easy to mow and push. As a member of the Spark review program, I got a chance to review this product.

It is powerful and effective machine suitable for not very large yards. The machine itself was very easy to assemble. It came with a small supply of oil and this was an added bonus. The start up was real simple and the mower itself has a smooth ride.

It is however hard to manipulate if the lawn is not flat. I have a little mound in the yard, that area was a little hard to mow. The mower while running, isn't very noisy. This is such an added bonus.

The height can be adjusted according to that of the person using it. This machine is ideal for self use. This is a self paced, gas powered lawnmower with a 20 deck, and has a side discharge. It's good for small yards. It has a Briggs and Stratton 125cc engine.

It comes fully assembled with oil. You just need to lift up the handle and tighten it, add the oil, and gas and you're ready to go. It's an easy start, lightweight and easy to handle. The Hyper Tough 20 Gas Powered Push Lawn Mower is a lightweight, fuel efficient little mowing machine that's perfect for small to medium sized yards. It's easy to assemble, easy to start - thanks a Prime'N Pull easy start system - and even easier to operate.

The classic cherry red exterior contains a Briggs & Stratton 125cc engine for extra pushing power up and downhill. Meanwhile, the easy grip handle offers added stability and maneuverability for a smooth controlled glide resulting in a pretty even trim. I also like the side discharge feature, which automatically moves grass clippings out of your path, making it easier to get the job done without tripping over your own feet while you walk. All in all, it's a nice little lawn mower!

Very pleased , I really thought at 1st this would not do the trick , but I opened box put together and fired her up she went right through the leaves and really didn??? T boug down and shot all the leaves out the discharge it didn??? T even clog up and die.. I was very impressed thanks , for the opportunity to try this product!

This mower was really easy to use. I was a little worried when I saw the size of the box it was delivered in because I thought I was going to literally have to put it together.

It came out of the box, in one piece, and all I really needed to do was unfold the handle and tighten the screws on either side of the handle and I was ready to go. It took less than a couple minutes. I do not have a huge yard in Las Vegas, and we recently had several days of rain, so I thought wet grass would be a great test.

It worked like a charm. It was easy to use, lightweight, and took very little effort to maneuver it around my small yard. The thick soggy grass was not a problem for this mower. It actually went very quick.

The cutting blade is the full 20 inches and the way the wheels are set, it worked well on the edges where I rode one wheel on the curbing and it left behind a clean cut edge. There is a nice flap on the back of the mower to prevent anything from being shot out backwards towards your feet. The wheels have levers that you will need to adjust to make the mower level.

The only place I could see this mower being too lightweight would be if your yard was very uneven or lumpy and not fairly flat. It is light enough that you could do it, but in a situation like that I think a little more weight would be a benefit (I have a cabin with a lumpy yard and my mower for that is really heavy) Overall, I love it for my small yard. It is not overly noisy, its easy to move around, easy to store and it is really a very simple mower which I think is great. 20 Side Discharge Lawn Mower Hyper Tough. Love this little lawn mower.

I used it to under my Apple trees and my small side yard. It starts right up on first try. Easy to pit together in less than 10 minutes out of the box.

My yard and tress look great now. Much easier than trying to get my rider under there.

20 Side Discharge Lawn Mower Hyper ToughThe lawnmower is Prime'N Pull system, you need to prime the cold engine. Starts right up easy to use.

Runs good and cuts grass very well. Works like it's supposed to. I would definitely recommend this lawn mower to family and friends.

I have had a great experience with this little lawnmower. It was easy to put the handle on out of the box. Came with oil and only took a few minutes to get it all ready to go.

It started right out of the gate and has every time. S small and easy to maneuver. Ve got a bigger one for the large parts of the mowing but this is great for edging and the front years which doesn??? T need mowing as often and doesn???

T require as much power for the grasses. It did big down a bit in the very thick sections but even my big mower will do that.

M pleased with this mower and I??? M glad I added it to the tool arsenal.

I can't wait to use the lawn mower. The other one didn't last a week. So I got the see how this one work. My boys will be cutting grass for now on. I Will recommend this product to everyone who ask for it.

Easy to use Lawn Mower. This lawn mower has a reasonably powerful motor that does a good job of mowing smaller lawns. It was very easy to assemble out of the box.

It is small, light weight and easy to maneuver. If someone has a smaller lawn this product would work perfectly for them. 20 Side Discharge Lawn Mower. The lawnmower works well and we're happy to have it. However, there is a side flap that keeps getting stuck and therefore doesn't allow the grass to be filtered out of the mower- we have to keep bending down to "unstick" it. But the actual machine works great. The assembly part was very easy and quick. My husband is pretty handy so it didn???

T take him very long to take it out of the box and start using it. It is really easy to use and maneuver around. The blade of course is extremely sharp and it cut our grass great.

What was nice was the fact that we could go from one area of our yard to another without skipping a beat. It was nice to be able to have different settings for different heights.

It adjusted very well and my husband had no trouble with different areas. The only thing he did not like was the da t that it does not have a bag. The good thing was the cutting part went quick and easy to it balanced out.

It was powerful and easy to start also. Great for small to med. It came assembled, with oil. Just needed to roll it out of the box, lift up the handle, tighten of handle.

I also checked the blade to make sure it was tight in place. Then add oil and gas. Started up on second pull. My other Briggs and Stratton motor on prior mower still ran after 10 years. Perfect and American made engine. Body is light to handle. A bit lighter than prior 20 inch models, but ok and easy for me and my husband, it provides the power I need to complete the job Quick. I absolutely recommend this mower.

Cuts our grass and NOT our wallets! This (20 Side Discharge Lawn Mower Hyper Tough) is EXACTLY what my wife and I needed! With the cost and quality of products ranging all over the place from, too cheap and too expensive, this mower actually provides a comfort level that fits into both. Its definitely not the most expensive high-quality mower on the market, and if that is what you're looking for, its going to cost you.

However; if you're looking for a mower that will get the job done without cutting your wallet too, this is definitely the mower so, look no further. Now, with that said, I've only used this mower a few times and its specifically being used for our backyard, not the front, because the front is much larger and its just not the proper size in my opinion for that job at 20 inches.

This mower blows through our backyard area with ease, cutting very nicely and dispersing the clippings too! What's really nice about this mower, besides its price and quality, there is absolutely no assembly required!

The product picture I posted was taken purposefully to show that you just lift/pull the upper handle back, and the lower handle will snap into place. Just make sure you put oil in it too, Hyper Tough provides everything you need excluding gas of course.

Smooth cutting and dispersing of clippings? Walmart ships within 2 days, and with no membership charges! I order online from Walmart all the time, so much nicer than standing in lines and loading-up carts. Nice little mower - easy assembly & powerful cut.

The assembly for this mower was as simple as pulling it out of the box, lifting the handle straight, and tightening two knobs (nuts inside) to hold the handle straight - total of maybe five minutes. There is engine oil included in the box, just pour it in, put it gasoline DON'T MIX OIL WITH IT!!! And you're good to go.

I love the little "primer" bulb that helps start the engine - no 100 pulls and no start with this! There's not a whole lot of grass growing in my area at the end of November, but it did cut the leaves nicely (not a mulcher by any means).

The mower is pretty powerful - it's advertised for "small and medium" lawns and it seems to fill that niche nicely. It's also fairly light to maneuver around my yard.

The different height settings are nice, but they are a little tough to set. I will say, these small engines don't operate well using gasoline with Ethanol in it - especially the higher ethanol winter-mix (the manual says nothing over 15% ethanol). Try to find a station that sells plain gasoline - your engine will last a lot longer. Great overall lawnmower for odd cutting jobs.

Now talk about going back to basics, the Hyper Tough 20??? Side Discharge Lawn Mower is the ideal lawn machine to use on certain areas of the yard. I received this lawnmower late into the season and luckily, there are still areas in the yard that needs to be cleared.

Yes, cleared and not mowed. The ditch where overgrown wild grass and weeds are ideal for the Hyper Tough 20??? Side Discharge Lawn Mower is lightweight so you can easily take it to steep areas and tight spots to clear troublesome areas. Blade and small body frame, this lawnmower is ideal for quick clean up.

Please note, the Hyper Tough 20??? Side Discharge Lawn Mower is a small compact lawn machine that discharges grass clippings on the side. It is best to use this lawnmower to clean up small areas that do not require a precision cut. This lawnmower will not mulch grass clippings. Side Discharge Lawn Mower is a great companion to my mulching lawnmower.

Sometimes there are wet or muddy areas where my mulching mower will not cut. Side Discharge Lawn Mower is the ideal lawnmower to clear those areas. I love the Hyper Tough 20??? Side Discharge Lawn Mower because this lawnmower gives me another option to clear rough spots in the yard.

Side Discharge Lawn Mower makes it easy on all dirty jobs in the yard. And with an easy-to-start Briggs and Stratton Engine, the Hyper Tough 20??? Side Discharge Lawn Mower is one lawn machine you would need for all-around odd cutting jobs.

T sure how the Hyper Tough 20??? Side Discharge Lawn Mower would work for me. I do not think I would replace my mulching mower for precision cutting. But then I realize that this lawn machine is best used for odd jobs like cutting wild overgrown grass in the ditch or areas with a steep incline. Side Discharge Lawn Mower is not self-propelled but with its overall weight, it would be easy enough to maneuver anywhere you want to cut. I really like my Hyper Tough 20??? I would recommend this lawnmower to all. We received this at the end of our mowing season, actually after first snow fall...

So we haven't been able to see how it performs as far as cutting - but it was easily assembled and is light weight. Perfect mower for my 11-year old who does small lawn jobs on the side. He was excited to get his very own mower.

Mower fires up first or second time no problem. No bells and whistles with this mower, but is perfect for my son and is great for the price. My son took it out of the box, fixed the handle, put oil then put gas and set the deck height. It started up after a few pulls and runs great. We had some tall grass in the hay field a little over a foot tall and it blazed right through it!

He is impressed and for a 14 year old that is pretty good! We will get some use out of it when spring starts for sure! Hyper Tough and Light Weight. The Hyper Tough 20 inch side discharge lawn mower is packaged for easy, fast assembly.

Self contained, no extra parts to install, just raise the wheels, handles, tighten a couple of screw knobs, and that's that. The Hyper Tough even comes with a 15 ounce bottle of oil to get you going, but you will need gas , and 87 minimum octane is recommended.

When adding oil, there is a path to accommodate a long necked funnel, otherwise a small funnel will work with extra care to avoid spilling. The quick start guide allows for fast set-up from assembly to starting the 125 cc Briggs and Stratton engine.

The side discharge chute allows for the grass clipping to be evenly distributed as you mow along. The rear, hard rubber flap(pull it down into position before starting the motor) prevents debris from exiting the rear. The easy start engine will be a pleasure come spring, after the assembly, and adding oil, and gas, I was able to start it with minimal difficulty, considering, the temperature was under 30 degrees F, and following an unseasonably, early Arctic cold spell. First it rained, and that froze, and then it snowed, leaving the ground frozen for the season.

I'm looking forward to the next lawn maintenance season, so, I can actually use the Hyper Tough light weight, 20 inch, side discharge lawn mower, now that it has been winterized for the early winter here in the Midwest. A Perfect Tool For A Perfect Lawn. My husband prides himself on keeping our lawn looking meticulous.

He gets tons of compliments from our neighbors about how neatly he keeps our lawn looking. I got him this Hyper Tough 20 side discharge lawn mower. It took my husband less than 10 minutes to put this Hyper Tough lawn mower together right out of the box.

All He needed to do was attach the handle to the base of the lawn mower. This Hyper Tough lawn mower allows you to adjust the height of the mower to get the preferred grass height cut. I was very pleased to see it came with a bottle of engine oil. The mower takes unleaded gasoline.

To start the lawn mower, you have to push a button three times, hold the brake handle down, and then pull the starter handle until it starts. It did an awesome job on the lawn.

When my husband was done with the lawn it looked like a fine laid carpet! My husband was rather pleased with the performance of this Hyper Tough lawn mower. It did a nice job sharply cutting the grass blades down for us.

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  1. Modified Item: No
  2. Custom Bundle: No
  3. Cutting Width: 20 in
  4. Engine Type: 2 Stroke
  5. Blade Style: Rotary
  6. Power Source: Gas
  7. Type: Cylinder
  8. MPN: MNA152701
  9. Brand: Hyper Tough

Push Lawn Mower Gas Self Propelled Lightweight Adjustable Height 5 Position 20    Push Lawn Mower Gas Self Propelled Lightweight Adjustable Height 5 Position 20