Self Propelled Gas

Toro Power Clear Electric Start Gas Snow Self-Propelled Chute Control

Toro Power Clear Electric Start Gas Snow Self-Propelled Chute Control
Toro Power Clear Electric Start Gas Snow Self-Propelled Chute Control
Toro Power Clear Electric Start Gas Snow Self-Propelled Chute Control
Toro Power Clear Electric Start Gas Snow Self-Propelled Chute Control
Toro Power Clear Electric Start Gas Snow Self-Propelled Chute Control
Toro Power Clear Electric Start Gas Snow Self-Propelled Chute Control
Toro Power Clear Electric Start Gas Snow Self-Propelled Chute Control

Toro Power Clear Electric Start Gas Snow Self-Propelled Chute Control    Toro Power Clear Electric Start Gas Snow Self-Propelled Chute Control

Toro 21 inch Gas Self-Propelled Single Stage Snow Blower. Electric Start simple and easy to use with push button start. Easy storage with this compact design.

Combining a perfect blend of power and efficiency, the Toro Power Clear 721 E Single Stage 21 in. Gas Snow Blower is second to none for tough jobs. The blower features push-of-a-button electric start, and its powerful 212cc 4-cycle OHV engine launches snow 35 ft. Shred snow fast with the patented Power Curve system, while the self-propel Power Propel system gets you moving quickly. Garage already filled to the brim. No worries, as the blower's compact design makes for easy storage. Toro stands behind this product with a 2-year Guaranteed-to-Start promise and full, so you can rest easy knowing you're ready for whatever winter has in store. CA (CARB) Compliant: CARB Compliant.

Chute Turning Radius (Degrees): 210. Features: Chute Control, Electric Start, Self-Propelled. Fuel Tank Capacity (gallons): 0.58.

Number of Forward Speeds: Variable. Number of Reverse Speeds: 0. Recommended Terrain: Flat, Sloped, With Obstacles. Snow Equipment Product Type: Single Stage Gas Snow Blower.

Stage Type: Single-Stage Snow Blower. Type of Snow: Fluffy, Light. Certifications and Listings: No Certifications or Listings. Easy Instructions - No snow yet. It does not come with the power cord for the electric start.

This thing is a beast. Started on the first pull. The thing i like best is how easy it is for me to get in and out of my truck by myself. Easy to assemble, just took down 14?

Of snow in a decent size driveway no problem. Easy Start and run power.

Used it today for the first time. Easy start and cleared 8-10 inches of snow without hesitation.

Out of box set up easy. We got 1st snow this week 2 inches wet heavy snow. T throw it a long way but it got down to sidewalk and did the job. You can see that it will do fine in the lite snow.

1 snow down more to come I? Very powerful, works well with heavy, wet snow. It responded very well to the first snow of the year very fast and efficient. Runs so smooth and great at moving snow!!

Runs so smooth and great at moving snow! This powerful snowblower is if not the baddest machine for getting rid of alot of snow baby!!

Out of the box and assembled... Oil and gas added, it ripped right up roaring in 25 degree weathe..

Oil and gas added, it ripped right up roaring in 25 degree weather. T snowed yet, but the snow is in it for it this year with this well engineered machine.

Exactly what I was looking for. I just got it several weeks ago and finally got to try it out today. Its exactly what I want.

Lite weight easy to handle, started on the first pull and cleans down to the pavement. This was a 2 inch wet snow and cant wait to see how it does on the deeper liter snow. We have used it once this year so far. We love that it has the electric start and is self propelled. Very easy to handle and really throws the snow.

Great price for a great product. Light and easy to use. Does a good job at cleaning the driveway.

Had our first snow fall after purchasing this blower. It was a a very wet and heavy snow (14). The blower started on the first pull.

It ducg through the snow as if it was light powder, and threw it an amazing 20+ feet. Later that day and I went back out for a light cover (less than 1/2) and the blower cleared down to the cement as it had done with the 14 inches. It is compact, light and more than a mach for the snow. Got rid of my big 2 stage that was in great condition for something light. Wish I had a Toro single stage all along.

Can clear the snow in half the time and do not have to muscle it around. Does the job and is reliable. Assembled easily and started with no trou.. Assembled easily and started with no trouble. Used several times and operated easily, clearing driveway and corner sidewalk perfectly; in a wet snow condition.

I love that I just plug it into the house power to start it rather than pull start it, although that IS an option if needed. So far, it works great! The only thing that worries me at all is that the blades are made of rubber instead of metal, but we'll see how well it works the next time it snows. First snow was almost a foot of heavy snow.

Toro managed this with no problem. Cleared down to pavement and threw snow 15plus feet. Just used it last weekend. Handles wet snow great and easy starting. The build quality is first rate but since we have not experienced any snow I cannot rate actulal performance but I expect Toro to do the job.

Reliable after two seasons, still going strong. After two seasons still starts on first or second pull, clears large driveway as expected with no issues or complaints. Has some difficultly with deep wet snow but for a single stage I'm still happy. Lite and easy to maneuver, requires a little push in shallow snow.

The snowblower was easy to assemble for me because I work on cars and trucks. Can't wait for the.. Can't wait for the snow to come! Excellent cleaning powe and easy to handle.. Excellent cleaning powe and easy to handle.

Pull-start works easily and quickly. Starts right up and easy to drive. The snowblower worked very well. Powerful and easy to turn.

Kind of takes off on us but we learned to.. Kind of takes off on us but we learned to throttle it down. On looks and appearances along with one pull start up.. On looks and appearances along with one pull start up uts great. It gas snowed and has been used so uts hard to comment at this time.

I like the easy start and not having to use.. I like the easy start and not having to use gas oil mix. Bought these for my son-in-laws for Christmas... Bought these for my son-in-laws for Christmas.

This is my 2nd Toro Power Clear 721 E I gave my son the 6 yr old one I had and it is still like new. It is a great snow moving machine.

Only a desire for more snow to move. Bought this blower in prep for a high snow winter.

Now I'm guaranteed this is going to be one of the driest winters on record. Love the features and price. Gased and ready to go. Powerful compact machine with two minor issues!

This is my first snow blower like ever. Quality seems to be good, starts real easy with coil, haven't tried the electrical start yet. It clean the snow real fast but not like vipe clean.

You can see some snow still left on the ground. Two downsides:1- rattles a lot when working and moving along2- Often gets caught on sidewalk expansion grooves. You have to go back and lift it up to pass the groove. S a great little snow blower.

Starts right up on first pull and does an excellent job. Perfect for up to 6 to 8 inches of snow; if you? Re expecting anything more than that and you?

Ll have to do a couple runs. Best single stage out there. Throws snow better than some two stages ive had. Works great, small/light, better chute control.

Works great, compact, light weight, I really wish it had the ability to control the chute from the handles vs having to do it manually. Wife loves to use it. Bought for my wife to use. She loves it and it doesn?

T scare her like our bigger one. Ran perfect first and only time i have had to.. Ran perfect first and only time i have had to use it so far. I was worried about buyers remorse, but this is a good single stage snow blower.

Starts on first pull and handled recent, heavy, wet snow well. Neighbors snow blower loaded up, but not this Toro. Not self propelled, but does pull itself along some. Even does edging - this thing will chew the lawn up when going past driveway edges. It did not include an owners manual. Snowblower is very powerful for its compact size. Doesn't come with a light but no biggie. Wheels move pretty good through snow even though they aren't automatic. Downside of machine is mostly plastic so it rattles quite a bit. And tires get stuck when covered in ice and snow.

Overall decent Snowblower for the price. I had a Craftsman for 25 years & had to retire it. I believe this self propelled snowblower will be even better!!

We are ready for January snowfall! So far its looks great haven't had any snow yet to test it out! But is its a Toro its a great product!! Handled our big snow great. Just used the new snowblower in recent 12?

Just used it to clear my 3 car drive way here in Montana and it cut through 12in of snow like butter. Very nice, light weight and easy for the wife to push around. I have a number of snow blowers but the 721E is the best designed high quality product bar none. As I live in northern illinois close to the lake I get a lot of snow and need a dependable product that will get me out and about.

Must have for Chicago winters. We upgraded to this blower and could not be happier. The blower head moves easily and I like that I can control how far it blows. This blower has great power and handles the heavy stuff extremely well. It was easy to assemble but I will need to..

It was easy to assemble but I will need to wait for winter to try it out but I hope it is as good as I expect. T wait for the snow.

T used it yet, but I? The snowblower is perfect for Michigan winters. It efficiently is able to clear my driveway while being compact enough that it doesn't take up a lot of room in my garage.

My only complaint is that it was missing the hex nut that secures the mount for the starter cord. This is a little big snow blower that cleans the drive way, and side walk with easiness. One pull and it starts, and is ready to tackle the Colorado snow. The Toro Power Clear 721 R 21 inch snow blower is very maneuverable, and blows the snow far enough away so it is out of the way and does not land on my grass.

I had the pleasure to do a test drive before, when my neighbor was to sick to clean his drive way, and I borrowed his Toro power clear snow blower and cleaned his drive way and side walk. It saves my back, and I do the same job now in less time. This snow blower does not takes a lot of space in the shed, and I can store more in the shed.

The snow is gone now, and I don't have an action picture, but will sent one if I get a picture form next year snow, this takes not away that I like this little big gay. This is the first year I owned a snow blower since we moved to town. Works great for our three car driveway. Also use it on neighbors driveway and sidewalks. I gave this snowblower as a gift, so I haven't used it and never will.

I asked the people I g.. I asked the people I gave it to if it works, and they said they have used it once to clear about 6 -8 inches of a heavy wet snowstorm, and it worked great. I simply replaced my 20 yr old Toro snowblower..

I simply replaced my 20 yr old Toro snowblower with a new just like the old one. It just kept going and going and going for twenty yrs. Reliable is the word I would use for this snowblower, 20 years of use is why I replaced it with the same one. My hubby really loves it. It is self propelled and..

It is self propelled and easy to use. Only had to use it couple times this year but works great! Powerful and very light weight.

Easiest Snow Thrower I have owned. Starts really easy and moves the snow really well. It uses less gas than my older Snow Thrower.

Now I need more snow to play in. The Power Clear 721 I own really throws the snow... Just like in the online videos.

Also, it starts on the first or second pull. I haven't needed to use the electric start feature yet. However, there are two annoying issues that take the fun out of using this Toro. Snow sticks to the outside of the wheels causing the machine to move like it has flat tires. These wheels are solid plastic.

The scraper on the bottom easily gets caught on sidewalk expansion grooves causing a sudden stop and jamming my wrists into the handle. But no more snow in Mequon.. But no more snow in Mequon Wisconsin..

Never have a chance to >>how the h'''e I kown? Very happy with this snow blower. Easy to start, without electronic start.

- Have used it a few times this season. Throws snow high and away. Assembly was a little tricky and the motor is a little weak, but otherwise it's a great product. If you're not trying to push your way through large or icy snow piles, this should be perfect for you.

The easy swivel funnel feature is really helpful for our uniquely shaped driveway. So far the snow blower works as advertised. I had a similar model that was 15 plus years old and it was built with better quality materials than the current model. To much plastic and not enough metal. Started up first pull on the cord so so far.. Started up first pull on the cord so so far so good. No snow yet so I haven? T actually used it to clear my driveway. It throws and clears the snow no.. It throws and clears the snow no problem.

Even that slushy, wet, Chicago snow. Easy assembly, starts right up and full clears snow down.. Easy assembly, starts right up and full clears snow down to the pavement. I wouldn't recommend this model if I lived in areas that frequently receive huge snowfalls (>10 inches) but for anything less it is great. Great Product - Great Service.

Love the machine - does everything as advertised. I was concerned about how it would handle the snow and I couldn? The unit performed very well and made my job easier.

Add me to the long list of satisfied customers. I replaced a 9 hp Ariens with this. Yes mine cleans right down to the pavement.

I'm glad I made the move to this single stage. I would recommend this to my friends and family without fear of retribution! I have only been able to use this snow bower.. I have only been able to use this snow bower once since I bought it. It was a 2 inch snowfall and the blower worked just fine.

Still waiting for a bigger snowfall to try it on. Excellent addition to my work saving tools. I have an older large 2 stage snow blower that? S too heavy and bulky to use for my driveway. S Toro snow blower and was?

With how easy it was to use. So I went out and bought one of my own and have used it several times now and couldn? S easy to use, does a BETTER job at clearing my drive than my big old 2 stage blower and lets me clear the driveway in half the time. M actually looking forward to using it again! Assembly was slightly difficult, but otherwise straightforward.

First time I used the snowblower, one of the screws that kept the chute in place came off. Bought a replacement screw and it's been fine since. Overall, a great product and handles the moderate snowfall very well. Works well and it certainly helped in doing what i needed it for. User friendly for a 75 yr old female.

Love the self propelled feature. Starts easy and throws snow like crazy. This little blower has a lot of power - it..

This little blower has a lot of power - it REALLY blows the snow! Easy to maneuver and does the job. We previously owned a 24inch 2 stage blower, which was heavy and not as easy to maneuver. Only used it once but it did a great job. Good product for the price, gets the job done. Challenge to figure out how to shut the item off. Perfect snowblower for 95% of the storms we get in Colorado. Lightweight, powerful, and easy to use! Works great for a little snowblower. Only have used 3 times in 3 or less snows but that was heavy wet snow. It is a great little machine. Starts up right away and takes less than a minute for the engine to smooth out. Then goes to work clearing right down to the pavement. My only complaint is the lever for the shute is too hard to reach. I'm thinking of adding a piece of wood or plastic to the handle to make it longer.

Time will tell as to its durability. I have enough time with it to do an oil change. Customer service is our top priority!

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  1. Assembly Required: Yes
  2. UPC: 0021038387536
  3. EAN: 0021038387536
  4. Manufacturer Warranty: None
  5. Power Source: Gasoline
  6. Color: Clear
  7. MPN: 38753
  8. Engine Type: 4-Cycle
  9. Brand: Toro
  10. Tank Capacity: Snow
  11. Type: Single Stage
  12. Clearing Width: 21
  13. Voltage: Variable
  14. Engine Size: 212cc
  15. Model: 38753
  16. Style: Multiple Style
  17. Features: Electric Start
  18. Cable Length: 42 in
  19. Product Line: Toro Power Clear

Toro Power Clear Electric Start Gas Snow Self-Propelled Chute Control    Toro Power Clear Electric Start Gas Snow Self-Propelled Chute Control